Floor Sanding , Varnishing & Refinishing Tips

Methods for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

When hiring a company or doing the floor sanding yourself; do keep in mind that you’re laying the foundation for a perfectly varnished floor. This is the reward that you will enjoy for a long time to come once the job is finished. Floor sanding is relatively easy as long as you keep a few things in mind. Here are a few helpful hints:

  1. Work from coarse grain down to fine. After each pass over the floor switch to a finer grain.
  2. 2. When using a machine for floor sanding, make sure you keep it moving because if you let it sit still in one area, you’ll create a dent in the wood.
  3. 3. When sanding parts by hand, for example in corners or around heating pipes, only move along with the grain. If you move your sanding paper cross-grain you’ll create ugly scratches, which are almost impossible to remove.
  4. 4. The final step to floor sanding is what painters call the most important step in painting: removing dust. Make sure the floor is perfectly dust-free. First use a vacuum cleaner, then sweep the entire surface with a static cling cloth.

Now you’re ready for varnishing.

In the past, varnishing a floor was quite a chore. Two, three or four layers long, you’d be standing in a room where the entire floor was exhaling solvents at you. Not very pleasant-but not any longer!

Nowadays, the best varnishes are water-based. That means no solvents, no smell lingering for days, and the best? Done in a day.

What You Must Know Before Using Water-Based Varnish

The high-grade water-based varnishes of today dry within hours, literally. Most of the times, a layer will be dry to the touch in 30 minutes and can take light load after four hours. A second layer of varnish can be applied after two hours (Always check the container of your varnish for specific information about drying times!)

That means that you can paint an entire floor three times in one day, and the next day you can live in the room as normal.

It also means that you shouldn’t let the edges of a fresh patch of paint dry before extending the patch since you will see the edges of the first patch if it gets a chance to dry up. So don’t go around the room painting all the corners and under the radiators and then move on to varnish the large surfaces. Work across the floor in blocks. Avoid direct sunlight while you’re painting since this will speed up drying time even more and cause the same ugly edges I described above.

After the first layer dries, you will notice that the fibres of the wood have raised and hardened, making the surface feel very rough. This is normal and happens because of the water in the varnish. Just wait until the layer is dry enough to sand down and use a fine grain sandpaper to smooth the surface. Remove dust and proceed to apply the second layer. Lear more about ways to properly clean your hardwood floors at HardwoodVacuum.net

Wood Floor Varnishing-The Long Term Considerations

When varnishing remember that clear finishes are intended to make wood look good and meet the demands to be placed on the floor after it has been finished. Choosing a clear finish for wood means juggling between its appearance; protection, durability, ease of application, cleaning requirements and safety.

When you have chosen the right varnish for the job you can expect to have a transparent, good gloss which is hard and durable and gives protection against many substances. Do take this into consideration before making decisions about how the floor sanding project is to be carried out.

Purchase iPad – 10 Reasons Why You Need to Buy It

Listed below are ten reasons to purchase that the iPad. Sydney based agency – Techwitty has been named as a leading stakeholder in many local startups.

1. The i-pad is incredibly intuitive. You could have seen the ad on television that says “you realize just how to make use of it until you have picked up it” or anything else along those lines. That is true; it’s straightforward to use for its touchscreen interface.

2. It’s tens of unique programs, in my own opinion, it is far better than the iPod touchscreen. A widespread program is a paper app.This means that you may get your newspaper without having out of bed!

3. You may play with all of your I pod touch and also i-phone programs on a larger screen. The I pad can expand the regular programs; therefore, you’re able to play with them on its bigger screen. Additionally, there are lots of free programs that are great fun.

4. Great for watching movies internet television as a result of its large screen it is similar to watching it about a right video as a substitute for a tiny 3-inch screen.

5. There are hundreds and hundreds of novels to see. All these are referred to as I Books.

6. It’s possible to find an external keyboard to type faster and create it just like a standard computer keyboard.

7. This might seem a little absurd, but it makes surfing the net more fulfilling, you are going to know if you test it outside.

8. Another incredible feature of the i-pad would be it’s possible to utilize it as navigation.

9. The i-pad is quite thin and very light, it includes o.6-8 kilogram that’s very light and also makes it effortless to put up for quite a longtime, well suited for reading novels. It’s also just 13.4mm thick. That isn’t much fatter than many mobiles!

10. The I pad includes iTunes so that you can listen to all of your favorite music on its speakers that are great.

Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits are packages that contain the necessary materials, instructions and guidance on how to make a solar panel. Solar companies Melbourne Solar photovoltaic panels are devices that produce electricity by converting the light rays of the sun. These solar panels produce energy that is clean and causes no harm to the environment. Once installed, solar panels can provide power for close to 30 years with proper maintenance. One big problem generally associated with solar panels is the cost. Solar panels are considerably very expensive, but this is where solar panel kits come in. The cost of purchasing a solar panel can be cut down by making your own solar panel and this is made possible and easier with the use of solar panel kits.

Solar panel kits contain all the necessary materials needed to convert the light of the sun into electricity. Solar panel kits however mostly serve as a supplementary source of power and not as the main source. This is because the power load in the apartment often overwhelms the power of the solar kits. The advantages of using solar panel kits however outweigh the flaws. The use of these kits has resulted in the reduction of power charges by over 50%. Solar panel kits also serve as an emergency source of power because solar energy can be stored in the kits to be used in the future.

Solar panels kits come in varying types; the more expensive ones come with many solar panels that aid in the conversion of more sunlight into electricity. The cheaper ones however, come with fewer solar panels and produce lesser electricity than their expensive counterparts. Generally, the solar panel kit provides only the necessaries for the making of solar panels; most times you might need to buy other materials like the array wiring between the modules and the battery bank. Solar panel kits have brought smiles to the faces of many persons living in remote areas and spend much money on electricity or stay without power. With solar panel kits they can now have cheaper and surer power to use. There are also portable solar panel kits that can be carried along in case of a travel.

Solar panel kits provide power whether for a remote home, commercial applications, cabins and boats, RV, for telecommunications, computers and heating of water or remote telemetry. Solar panels are very easy to acquire, surfing the internet is most times the best option. It is also recommended where possible to hire a professional to buy and install your solar kits to avoid complications. However, to save money you can install the solar panel kit yourself as the kits come with tutorials on how to use. Solar panel kits have also become cheaper with federal, state and local government incentives. BP Solar, General electric and Sharp among others are companies to look up to in your search for quality solar kits. The trend has changed, the world is moving; get a solar panel kit today!

Removing Distributor Without Affecting Timing

If you have a good spark at the coil lead (king lead), you have a functional low tension ignition circuit and a functional coil portion of the high tension ignition circuit. Thus, car detail no reason to remove the distributor from the vehicle. The rotor, distributor cap, the coil lead and the spark plug leads–the high tension circuit components, can all be changed without removing the distributor from the engine.
If you have a good spark at the coil lead, install the lead fully into the center terminal of the distributor cap, then check for spark at each of the spark plug leads after ensuring that all of them are fully seated into the distributor cap. If none of the leads shows a spark, the problem is with either the rotor or the center carbon bush of the distributor cap.

As to where the rotor terminal is going to point, it depends on which portion of its cycle the engine is in. Remember, the engine is a four cycle (for stroke) engine and the distributor operates at one half the engine speed because of this. Thus:

Number one cylinder is on the intake stroke, drawing in fuel as the rotor is moving to fire the number two cylinder. Near the bottom of the stroke of number one piston, number two piston is a few degrees before its top dead center and the rotor moves into alignment with the terminal for the number two spark plug wire, firing the spark plug on that cylinder.

Number one cylinder begins it’s compression stroke, moving upwards, as the rotor moves, counter-clockwise, towards the number one cylinder’s terminal of the spark distributor cap. As the number one piston reaches a few degrees before top dead center, it is fired.

After number one cylinder is fired, number three fires as number one begins its exhaust stroke. As number one completes its exhaust stroke and begins the intake stroke, cylinder number four fires. Thus, both cylinders four (firing stroke) and cylinder one (end of the exhaust stroke/beginning of the intake stroke) will have both the intake and exhaust valves closed and the rotor’s end terminal will be pointed at the distributor cap terminal for cylinder number four.

The best way for an inexperienced mechanic to determine if the distributor is properly aligned is to remove the rocker arm cover, then rotate the crankshaft using a 1 5/16″ wrench or socket while watching the intake valve (second from the front of the engine) open, then close. As the valve is closing, rotate the engine, clockwise when viewed from the front, to the timing marks. At about 10 degrees before top dead center, the rotor should be pointing to the number one cylinder’s terminal on the distributor cap–which ever terminal that may be.

Attach the number one cylinder’s spark plug lead to that terminal, then attach the other leads to the terminals, going counter clockwise in the order three, four, two.

Yes, it is possible to make a mark on the distributor body and engine, remove the distributor, reinsert the distributor and have the timing very close–sufficiently so that the engine should start. A better way is to hook up a dynamic timing light to the number one spark plug lead, have an assistant crank the engine over, and rotate the distributor until the light is flashing on the timing marks–it will fire if the light is flashing when the line on the harmonic balancer is in line with the timing marks on the engine. Good trick to know sometimes.

But, not right now. You state that your low tension circuit is working correctly. It would be rather foolish to add yet another variable into the system by removing and replacing a working system. Wise to remove the valve cover (which does not affect engine operation) and verify the orientation of the distributor by watching the intake valve move. But, only as a peace of mind issue. If you did not remove the spark plug leads from the distributor cap (there is no need to) when you removed the cap, there can be no change. It only fits on one way.

If you removed the spark plug leads from the spark plugs, verify that the spark plug leads are installed on the distributor cap in the correct order.